Memberships are closed now.

I have decided to close down this website in the spring of 2016 once all present members memberships have expired.

The main reason is because recently Visa and MasterCard decided that they would not process credit cards for this website anymore. They said the content of the website is offensive and depicts scat. I was not aware that enemas were considered to be scat but they do so I have no other choice but to close down this website.

Many people have suggested I use PayPal or Bitcoin but there will be the same problem with censorship. I do not accept checks and sending cash in the mail is not the best solution either plus the mail is slow.

I will be opening a private Enema Forum where members can donate a gift to me for upkeep of the forum to my Paypal account but separately from the forum and then I will add them manually. There will be no recurring donations required. I would add a section for contacting E-nurses to it as that is most asked for by members. The forum is different than the website in that members can communicate with other members and discuss things. Members are not required to do that though, they can just come in and look. The unique thing would be that I would be there most days to say hello to members and adding fun new content.

I welcome your comments and if you would like me to add you to my list of people who would like to be notified when I start up the new forum please email me here.


Warmest regards from
- Anika Stern -





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