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    As a lifelong lover of enemas myself, I am well aware of the fascination that neat equipment holds. Sure, the warmth and tingle of the water flowing in, the pressure, the excitement, the panting to hold all that solution in while it does its work, these are the top thrills of enema eroticism. But the anticipation that comes with preparing the treatment, getting out the sexy, rubber goods, making the water just the right temperature, lubing everything to silken slickness, this is like foreplay. And the JBL of the 1920s, a huge 5 quart whoopee cushion with a punch, is like trashy lingerie to that foreplay. The picture to the right shows a model about to take a seat on an authentic, 1920s JBL, one of the few in existence when this photo was shot. Her own booty weight will force the huge load of HOT water from the syringe and up into her waiting ass. The neatest thing about the JBL (Joy, Beauty, Life) is the gentle way it injects such an enormous load of water into your insides. I don't understand why, but sitting on the JBL seems to make it easy to take a really high enema. I've found that to be true for me, and my models and customers have confirmed that it's true for them too.

    Some time ago, in cooperation with a major supplier of custom enema equipment, Tyler Labs undertook to recreate this fabulous piece of enema history. We sent one of the last remaining copies of the JBL original off to a custom rubber molding company to have it analyzed and new moulds made. It was a good news, bad news story from the start. The bad news; despite many assurances from the molder that the original would not be harmed, it came back to us cut to tiny pieces. The good news; they did manage to copy the unique bag. A picture of the new product is shown below. We chose to use bright red for the new bag instead of the sickly yellow of the original. We think it makes a more attractive package. Also, after numerous attempts to copy the original valve, which projected with a long stem between the user's legs, our supplier decided to simply eliminate the troublesome valving.  Since the bag sits flat with nozzle upmost, there is really no need for a valve.  So, with these minor improvements, we proudly bring you what just might be the "Mother of all Enema Equipment," The JBL Cascade.

    Is it cheap?  No, sorry, it isn't. It is hand crafted and imported in small quantities. This is no Walgreen's cheapie. If you really want cheap, just poke a siphon hose into a four-quart plastic water-jug. But how sexy is that? Don't you Enemates deserve better? With the JBL you can't find a finer, sexier enema delivery system anywhere, not even at three times that price. Call or FAX us today, and we can have one on its way to you. You may pay by credit card over the phone, or by check or money order through the mail. Call and check on shipping costs and available options to your location.  Remember, it is cat.# JBL. Please indicate your choice of shipping methods as listed on the order form.

NOTE: All our shipments come in plain packaging labeled only with your address and "Beth Tyler Labs" return address, so your package won't raise suspicion, even with the most nosy of neighbors or postmen. We maintain discretion in everything and we ALWAYS respect your privacy. NO ONE gets any access to your private information and our mailing lists are NOT for sale ! We do NOT send SPAM !

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