Why Join My Enemates?


Hi Friends.

    We're always adding to our Website. Please pardon any construction mess as we add new material. Giving birth to something like this takes time and effort. It also costs me lots of money.  Already, though, this is special place for special people. I hope you decide to join, to support us, and to help us grow and play a meaningful part in your life.
$9.95 Membership fee doesn't even cover the costs of programming your access codes but we're doing our best to keep your costs down. The Membership fee covers a 6 MONTHS.

I know what some of you're thinking. Just one more money grubbing SPAM Web Site. But Beth's Enemates is different.

You're Bound to Enjoy!

To show you what's special, let me explain about our membership policy.

  1. We must insist that people fill in our security form (Membership Form) and use either their credit card or other form of payment to join so that kids can't stumble onto our site. We certainly do NOT want children involved in any way ! With membership, we avoid the chance that any restrictive federal government might want to shut us down. This site won't benefit anyone if it gets shut down. Please appreciate the freedoms that are afforded all of you in this country !
  2. If we opened up the server to the whole world, so many freeloaders will sign on and download our pictures that our Internet Service Provider will soon shut us down, or want us to pay thousands per month for the bandwidth. With Membership, we keep our site accessible for those who are really dedicated to the special interests we serve.
  3. It does cost considerable amounts of money to build and maintain this site of this magnitude... The membership costs help slightly to defray the out-of-pocket expenses. I'm not such a rich girl that I could do this on my own. I need your help to keep the fun alive. I hope that you'll decide to join my Enemates, and enjoy the delights we can share here. PLEASE, PLEASE remember that without YOUR support by occasional orders, the Website may not survive... We take all of your suggestions seriously and we do our absolute best to supply every item that we can afford to do. Additions cost money. Without orders, there isn't any money to keep it alive and growing. The survival of this Website is COMPLETELY UP TO THE MEMBERS. We built it at the requests of customers and we ask that they PLEASE help to support it.
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